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 past residents

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sharyn dimech

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PostSubject: past residents   past residents EmptySat Mar 07, 2009 8:15 am

Hi, we are a family who married and raised our children through their baby,toddler and early pre-school years in Marysville 1999-2003. We moved away through necessity, we needed particular health support services. My note is simply a hope to remind Triangle residents how deeply probably many people feel about the area, people who may now be geographically distant, but who love and identify deeply with their time spent in this part of the world, and for whom regular reconnection with the place is something they really can't imagine ever living without.
In my experience Marysville is an area people tend to 'fall-in-love' with, and from there choose to take on the particular challenges of residency. Yes it's fantastically pretty, but for me, it's the social beauty of the place with which I'm enduringly in-love.
I have been sorting my photo.s and the ones of our Playgroup and Kinda. times give me more cause for feelings of pride than I think any others: it's such aprecious thing to belong to a group which welcomes everyone equally. The terms 'small-town' and 'close-knitt' are often heard together, but I have never known groups to so easily accommodate regular newcomers as these do. My experience of the area is that you must simply be present to be considered an equal participant in citizenship.
Of course in another sense, people don't participate equally, and I was always deeply admiring of the Nat and Kirstie team, for example, who did so much more than their share of community work, but who did their thing with apparently limitless grace and good-humour.
There was so much easy laughter in these groups. At the same time, when a personal crisis hit my family, I greatly appreciated the way in which silent tears that fell suddenly as I pushed a child on a swing or poured the cuppas were universally and unflappably simply allowed their place within our shared space. People semed to possess the art of never feeling diminished by whatever their neighbours happend to bring with them.
For reasons that are part of a different story, I am grateful to live where we live now, but living in Marysville has forever spoiled me for the joy of living amongst people who inevitably enter your home with a focus upon people not things, where kids beg for blueberries rather than take-away, whose newborn homecomings are celebrated with welcome notes on the door from the local artist's daughter and birthdays celebrated with a doorstep suprise bucket of muffins from their favourite cafe-owners.
It has only really dawned on me over recent weeks that my children, having spent those most formative years in Marysville, are made of Marysville: this idea helps me to sort and understand the depth of feelings I have since Feb.7th.
Like so many other kids whose lives are to varying degrees entwined with the life of the area, there is an on-going process of adjustment going on right now, but we are certain that it will come full circle to our original feelings : we simply love the people of Marysville and feel enormous gratitude to everyone in the area who has contributed so much to our experiences.
If any family would like photo.s from our era of kinda/playgroup, please let me know. I also have recent (ie. Dec.-Feb.)photo.s of the area.
Nine-year-old Jack would greatly appreciate news of the Blueberry Farm!
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Rosemary S

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PostSubject: Re: past residents   past residents EmptyThu Mar 12, 2009 7:56 am

Unfortunately, you can tell Jack that the blueberry farm is no more Crying or Very sad The shop and the flat above it are all that survived, and Jill is living in the flat.
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past residents
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