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 Community Meeting 3pm Sunday Feb 22, 2009

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lisa nolte

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Community Meeting 3pm Sunday Feb 22, 2009 Empty
PostSubject: Community Meeting 3pm Sunday Feb 22, 2009   Community Meeting 3pm Sunday Feb 22, 2009 EmptySun Feb 22, 2009 2:26 am

Notice of a meeting to be held at Marysville Golf Club 3pm Sunday Feb 22, 2009. Maj. Gen. John Cantwell AO of the Victorian Bushfire Reconstruction and Recovery Authority to attend and hear the perspective from the entire Triangle district. All welcome.
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Bonnie Simons

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Community Meeting 3pm Sunday Feb 22, 2009 Empty
PostSubject: Sunday Meeting   Community Meeting 3pm Sunday Feb 22, 2009 EmptySun Feb 22, 2009 6:49 am

If any forum members attend this meeting, can someone please post a summary of what is discussed? Thanks, Bonnie
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Community Meeting 3pm Sunday Feb 22, 2009 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Community Meeting 3pm Sunday Feb 22, 2009   Community Meeting 3pm Sunday Feb 22, 2009 EmptyWed Feb 25, 2009 2:25 pm

Hi Bonnie,

Probably old news now, but just in case you missed it ...

I found some notes of the meeting on as posted by Merran Guest - I've copied them below:

Nic Jans MC’d the meeting and introduced Major General John Cantwell, Fran Bailey, Andrew Forrest (CEO of Fortescue Metals Group, Philanthropist) and Kim Wilkie.

• John Cantwell will assume the role of Chief of Operations for the rebuild effort. He will work with Kim Wilkie, Fran Bailey & Andrew Forrest’s resources. The emphasis must be direction via community feedback, or as Andrew put it, you’ll end up with mountains of clothes and stiletto heels, as everyone tries to help, but doesn’t how.
• An announcement is expected with 2 days as to the lead contractor for the clean up process, with sub contracts letting after that. Whenever possible local tradespeople and businesses will be used – the rules regarding clearance of hazardous material from sites have been relaxed for this project.
• It is likely to be 10-14 days before resident get access to their blocks. This is due to the very difficult forensic work being done, and the requirements of the coroner’s office, which are as much about affording dignity to those who’ve died as the legals. The group were asked their preference for a staged return (as sections of the town are cleared) vs a group return (we all wait until the town is totally cleared). Different views, but majority seemed to favour the latter approach. We’ll get asked again as the clearance work progresses.
• Road closures around Marysville are likely to remain in force to prevent undesirables from gaining access to the town before residents have a chance to get to their blocks.
• The Spur may be open later this week – this issues here are back burning operations and dangerous trees.
• A multilayered communications approach will be implemented, as residents are spread far and wide with varying degrees of access. 102.9 FM, UG-FM, 774, sms, email and newsletter were all discussed, as was a couple of set times for radio updates (eg 6pm news). As this approach is agreed, details will be circulated. The Triangle Newsletter will get access to a local printing press (army to truck in), postage will be free for residents who want to receive it that way – but they need volunteers (contact Bob Embling).
• Instruction brochures, protective suits, gloves & masks will be available to residents for use when accessing their blocks for the first time
• The State Government (via the contractors) will cover the costs associated with clearing your blocks – no need for your insurance company to address this. Estimate is that each block will yield around 50-70 tons of debris. A big job. Will take at least a month to clear all blocks (estimate).
• Business operators should contact David Kenly 1 300 346 325 to discuss assistance. David is one of Andrew Forrest’s team. It was made very clear by all at the meeting that you should not hesitate to seek help – if you say nothing, nothing may happen, or you may get the wrong kind of help – please SPEAK UP!
• The recently sold land to the town side of the golf course has been offered for temporary housing. Residents are likely to have a number of choices while waiting for their houses to be re-built (1) living in a temporary communal housing in caravan style accommodation, possibly on the site next to the golf course (2) living on their own block in the same type of accommodation (if their block can handle this), or (3) renting available local housing (eg Buxton). Local farmers may also offer land for temporary communal accommodation sites.
• The general feeling seems to be that the golf course & bowling green should not be sacrificed for housing, but the clubhouse will be the community centre during the re-build
• 11:00am next Wed (Ash Wednesday) at the Golf & Bowls Club - there will be a multi-denominational memorial service. All welcome to attend. There will also be a concert that day at 19:00 at the Taggerty Hall.
• The army have replaced the rope on the church bell opposite Crossways – and it’s working again (the bell, that is)!
• John Brumby has described the rebuild of Marysville as his “Flagship Project”!
• Dave Stirling said a great piece on the contribution that golf & bowls activity makes to the fabric of the community and I think he hit the spot wonderfully well. He threw out a challenge to the speakers to move the planned Pro-Am event forward from Dec to May and mobilise the Australian professional golf community – at the “Augusta” of Victoria! I think they’re up for it! There’s never been a recorded shark attack in Marysville – but these are strange times!!!
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Community Meeting 3pm Sunday Feb 22, 2009 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Community Meeting 3pm Sunday Feb 22, 2009   Community Meeting 3pm Sunday Feb 22, 2009 Empty

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Community Meeting 3pm Sunday Feb 22, 2009
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