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 donations of toys etc

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PostSubject: donations of toys etc   donations of toys etc EmptyThu Feb 19, 2009 6:09 am

Hi Lisa et al... as with most people, we have donations of replacement "stuff" coming out of our ears...... (and its all a bit overwhelming when staying and storing it in a house not your own isnt it..) anyway, a kind woman through Fitzroy Oxfam really wants to donate all kinds of kinder/take a break type toys from her kinder community, she says she can store them for a month or however long it takes to get a temporary kinder space going and then deliver them too if we like..... I thought of giving her Sherries number but then thought Sherrie has enough going on. Maybe I should hold off for a while and contact her when we know what and where we will be, Kinder wise. Or maybe we have enough kinder stuff donated already?
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lisa nolte

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PostSubject: Re: donations of toys etc   donations of toys etc EmptyThu Feb 19, 2009 12:41 pm

Hi Heidi, the donation offers are tricky. Most people want to give something, anything, to someone they have a connection with. Unfortunately we are not always equipped to handle either the offer or the admin involved. Back at the website there is a page called 'I'd like to help'. If you can direct people with offers there, I am building a database, which ultimately will match up with the specific needs of our community. At least all the offers will be in one place, and we won't have to hold all that information in our heads. I will send a message to those who have made offers, to acknowledge their generosity, and make it clear that we may not take up their offer immediately, or even in some cases at all, but that we appreciate their actions.
Hope that has answered your question.
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donations of toys etc
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