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 Still looking for a few people

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Australian Missing Person

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Still looking for a few people Empty
PostSubject: Still looking for a few people   Still looking for a few people EmptyThu Jun 04, 2009 11:41 pm

To introduce myself, I am Nicole Morris and I run the Australian Missing Persons Register. I have been working since the day of the fire to reunite people misplaced and am still going all these months later! I worked with John Wilson in the early days and later with Lachlan Fraser compiling all the Marysville lists on my website. Anyway I am still looking for a few people and have some names for you - if anyone knows the current whereabouts of these people can you please let me know, or alternatively let the people know and they can contact me.
website -
e mail -
phone - 0438 900 861

*Elle Zoltak of Kings Road is looking for her former neighbours Philip Brady & Spiros Samiakos. She knows they made it out safely but she does not know where they are currently and would like to get in touch.

*Kim Searles is looking for Sally Hider. I believe Sally moved from Marysville before the fire (?) but if anyone knows where to please let me know so I can reunite Kim and Sally.

*Charlie Robertson - Charlie’s sister Rhonda Chambers has not seen her brother Charlie in 18 years but she recently learned he was living in Marysville, possibly at the time of the fire. I have no further info but if anyone at all knows of a Charlie Robertson from Marysville please let me know.

*Kevin Sefton, Angela Tabone and kids, I think from Flowerdale, hoping they are still in the area. Their friend Kylie is urgently wanting to hear from them.

Thanks to all and I’m thinking of you still!

Nicole x
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Still looking for a few people
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