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 ABC looking for blog writer on topic of bushfires

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ABC looking for blog writer on topic of bushfires Empty
PostSubject: ABC looking for blog writer on topic of bushfires   ABC looking for blog writer on topic of bushfires EmptyWed Apr 22, 2009 7:41 am

Dear Triangle community,

The ABC is looking for a person to write a blog for a new website we are building about the 2009 Victorian bushfires. I am posting this notice to this forum in the hope that I may find our blogger through the network of people on this forum.

The type of person we're looking for:

+ Is living in a bushfire-affected region. This person’s life has been touched by the bushfire in some way, whether they be a survivor, or out working directly with communities.

+ Is actively engaged within his/her local community and well-connected in his/her region.

+ Is a self-confessed "news-junkie". Will be knowledgeable about the wide range of issues that are arising in bushfire affected areas (not just in that person’s local area, but across Victoria).

+ Is personable. Interested in people and in helping them tell their stories.

+ Is passionate about the issues. Wants to understand all points of view on a topic and to give these voices a hearing – but can also be opinionated and provocative.

+ Can write well, with flair and personality.

+ Ideally, this person will be familiar with the language and etiquette of the ‘blogosphere’, may be a regular reader of other blogs, or perhaps has made contributions him/herself to blogs, forums, etc.

+ The blog will also integrate video content – some of which we may ask the blogger to shoot by themselves (with training provided), so this person must be must be willing to pick up a camera and will have fun learning how to use it.

Basic training will be provided. The blogger will write for the blog at least twice per week and their contributions will be paid for.

If you are know of any local talent who may fit the bill, ABC Innovation would love to hear from them. Please forward this to your networks, and if you are interested in the project, contact me on the details below. Thank you!

Priscilla Davies
Interactive Media Producer
ABC Innovation :
p: 03 9626 1243
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ABC looking for blog writer on topic of bushfires
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