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 Urgent police request for current residents of Marysville - 5 & 6 March

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PostSubject: Urgent police request for current residents of Marysville - 5 & 6 March   Tue Mar 03, 2009 1:48 pm

Copied from the marysville community website at

There is mention of an email response below - I'm guessing that you may need to ring the people listed as there was no email address provided.


Thursday the 5th of March/Friday the 6th of March, 2009
Dear Marysville Residents,

On Thursday the 5th of March and Friday the 6th of March, 2009 between the hours of 8 am and 6pm, Police from Taskforce Phoenix will be in attendance at Marysville Community Golf and Bowls Club. It is requested all residents from Marysville still residing in the surrounding area attend at this location to provide statements to police related to the Bushfire on the 7th of February. Even if residents were not present in Marysville at the time of the fire, police still request that you attend and a very short statement will be taken reflecting this.

The statements collected from the residents will form part of the Inquest Brief that will be submitted to the Victorian Coroner. This is an opportunity for Marysville residents to tell their story.

It is requested that residents reply to this email to inform police of their availability.

For those residents that are unable to attend or are currently residing away from the surrounding area please reply to this email with their temporary address and contact details and a police member will contact you to arrange a statement to be taken from you at a suitable time and location.

Thank you for your co operation.

Those residents that have already provided statements please disregard this email.

Taskforce Phoenix
Victoria Police

D/S/C 32396
Mob: 0400 879 650

Nicole BEALE
D/S/C 33809
Mob: 0439 659 297

D/S/C 33706
Mob: 0400 093 289
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Urgent police request for current residents of Marysville - 5 & 6 March
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