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 Regional Arts Victoria provides a space to share stories

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PostSubject: Regional Arts Victoria provides a space to share stories   Tue Jun 09, 2009 9:02 am

Four months after the 2009 Victorian bushfires many people are only now coming to terms with their loss and are yet to share their story. Regional Arts Victoria, the CFA and the DSE have created a website that provides a space for affected communities to heal through the sharing of stories. Storyboard facilitates storytelling through a variety of creative mediums including video, text and image.

For the fire services and the DSE, participating in an arts project like Storyboard gives them the opportunity to learn more about the communities they serve and support parts of the community who perhaps would otherwise not engage with bushfire risk issues. It is also a chance for RAV to work with parts of the community who might not normally be involved in the arts.

We encourage not just artists, but all those with a story to tell to contribute theirs to Storyboard. We are of the firm belief that by sharing stories, communities can collectively deal with trauma and create stronger networks so that they are self-determining, aware and resilient.

Share your story at
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Regional Arts Victoria provides a space to share stories
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